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Supply for urgently needed ambulances in China

In the fight against the corona pandemic thyssenkrupp made an important contribution in China. Despite major challenges, camshafts for pressurized ambulances were delivered quickly.

Properly equipped ambulances are essential for the safe transport of corona patients. In late January, China's biggest ambulance manufacturer Jiangling Motors therefore ordered components for 5,000 ambulances from thyssenkrupp in Dalian. Maximum flexibility was required for fast delivery to the customer. During the spring festival holidays, logistics employees from the Camshaft plant, under proper protection, worked numerous hours of overtime to optimize production and delivery schedules and prioritize them correctly. Logistics was a big challenge due to lack of traditional transportation means and blockade controls between provinces. By trying new transportation means and getting support from local government, they finally made it - three days faster than usual delivery- and thus enabled production of the urgently needed ambulances. Special security training was provided for the first-time used express delivery method to protect the delivery personnel. thyssenkrupp was recognized for the contribution to combat COVID-19 by the local government in an official letter afterwards.