“steeltomorrow 2016” award presented

Innovations pave the way to the future for thyssenkrupp – the year’s best ideas were honored at the Top 3,000 event.

One pillar of the “one steel” strategy program is “Innovation”. Creative ideas, projects and solutions – our employees work hard every day to make existing processes more efficient and develop new business models, always focused on closeness to customers. All of this forms the basis for the future of thyssenkrupp.

On December 12 the “steeltomorrow 2016” innovation award was presented at the Top 3,000 management event. The Executive Board honored the ten best projects and presented the winners with trophies and certificates. The innovation award offers prizes worth €50,000: the top three teams received invitations for educational trips to Hamburg, Rottweil and Rio de Janeiro[L,C1] . [L,C1]Das sind die Plätze 3-1, unten stehen die Plätze 1-3; sollten wir das nicht lieber analog machen?

All winners at a glance:

First place: Online visualization of non-metallic inclusions

thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH has previously worked with cleanness measuring equipment which measures sensor output signals individually, permitting only the statistical and highly compressed recording of non-metallic inclusions.

The team headed by Michael Wild has developed a process that combines the individual sensor signals to generate a single signal which is then converted and imported into an image processing system. This enables the non-metallic inclusions to be recorded in full and visualized in real time.

Project team: Michael Wild, Thomas Nollen, Andreas Boss, Uwe Knodt and further colleagues from thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH

Second place: MHZ-W550 + ZM EcoProtect® High-strength hot strip in Scalur

The grade MHZ-W550 + ZM EcoProtect® combines the properties of high strength, outstanding corrosion resistance and good dimensional accuracy, allowing our customers to realize new applications and products. Pores and various other surface defects have made this grade difficult to use to date. In the concept developed by the project team, a zinc-magnesium coating is applied to hot strip pickled in Duisburg-Süd on hot-dip coating line FBA 5 in Eichen in accordance with specifications.

Project team: Frank Vennemann, Werner Branscheid, Silvia Bubelinyova, Carsten Jansen, Achim Peuster, Jennifer Schulz, Dr. Florian Stiel, Nicole Wessel, Helge Windolph and further colleagues from Quality Management, Cold Rolling, Coating, Industry, Technology & Innovation, Sales Steering and Quality Management

Third place: GSS competence center invoice scan, inclusion + technology partnership

To drive the digitization of our company the Digital/Print Media team works with performance-impaired employees and the technical infrastructure of a partner company to scan invoices and accounting documents worldwide on behalf of Global Shared Services (GSS) for our Group.

Project team: Oliver Helfrich, Heike Worm and Uwe Keller from Plant Services

First place – young talent award: Alternative forming lubricant

A forming lubricant for hot-dip galvanized sheet based on ammonium sulfate – (NH4)2SO4 – has been developed as part of a dissertation on the surface chemistry examination of tribological coatings. In addition to outstanding forming performance, internal tests also showed that typical downstream processes in automotive production such as bonding, welding and phosphating are not impaired by the coating.

Project team: Christian Timma, Dr. Thomas Lostak and Dr. Jörg Flock from Technology & Innovation

Second place – young talent award: Characterization of filler sand in liquid metallurgy

As part of a Master’s dissertation, chemical and mineralogical tests were conducted on filler sands. A new type of crucible test makes it possible to compare in particular the sintering behavior of various filler sands. The new testing method opens up possibilities for future filler sand optimizations which could lead to a sustainable improvement in opening rates.

Project team: Jorge Guerra, Andreas Baaske, Thorsten Evenboer, Kemal Kahraman, Hartmut Prommersberger, Matthias Rohmann, Dr. Michael Skorianz, Andreas Schöpe, Stefan Schütt, Rene Schwaller, Klaus Schweflinghaus and further colleagues from Technology & Innovation and Slabs Steel