"I want to help us to develop in the interests of our customers."

Frank Haude is the new Head of the Project Management Office (PMO) in North America. In an interview, he tells us his goals and what he did before joining thyssenkrupp Aerospace.

Frank, when did you join thyssenkrupp Aerospace?

Since April 1, 2019. Over the first three months I have received a very good introduction to our current topics, our company history and our vision for the future. Many thanks at this point to my colleagues at thyssenkrupp Aerospace NA and the entire OU Aerospace and Business Area Materials Services worldwide.

What are your current tasks?

As Head of Project Management Office North America, I first built up my PMO team, started an inventory of all current projects and now connect our business model, our processes and OPX@MX as a measurement tool for our process capabilities. These are our three main sources of future project ideas that will fill our Excellerate project pipeline. Focusing on quality improvement, cost reduction and lead time acceleration will inevitably lead to growth. This will provide us with a better cost structure that will allow us to achieve higher margins and at the same time allow us to pass on targeted discounts to our customers. This makes us even more attractive for our partners and customers.

How do you support your colleagues worldwide?

As already mentioned, many colleagues around the world have invested a lot of their time, energy and knowledge in me. Over the coming months and years, with the Excellerate PMO ground work we do, I want to create something that will bring our customers worldwide and us at thyssenkrupp Aerospace forward. This may sound very ambitious, but it is based on my work experience over the past 20 years at General Electric (GE) and Amazon, where what I was able to do together with my colleagues there proved quite successful. I would now like to continue this with my thyssenkrupp Aerospace colleagues around the world.

What is a successful working day for you?

When a positive result has been achieved and we as a team have taken another step towards our common vision.

Which project are you currently working on?

To put together an effective and feasible project portfolio for tkA NA for the rest of fiscal year 2018/19 and the entire fiscal year 2019/20. Here it is particularly important to me to involve the local management teams and employees.

What do you like about your work?

The opportunity here at tkA NA and the entire OU Aerospace to create something really big and beautiful that the market and our customers may not expect from us at the moment.

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