Because a home is not self-evident – Scott runs for orphans

His grandpa is a great role model for Scott Longmire, a real hero. Also, because he was strong for his family despite his moving story. At the age of eight, Grandpa Tom lost both parents. Suddenly he was homeless. He was saved by the Mercy Home Orphanage in Chicago. What would Grandpa Tom's life have been like without the orphanage? Would he have given birth to Scott's mother? For Scott it's clear that he too owes his life to Mercy Home. Now he's running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for the orphanage.

Who knows what would have happened to my grandfather without Mercy Home? That’s why I owe my life to the orphanage.

Scott Longmire has already crossed the finish line of a marathon two times. The runs mean more to him than purely sporting motivation. This time he runs the 42.2 kilometers for the orphans of the Mercy Home orphanage. “We still don’t know exactly why, but when my grandfather Tom was eight years old, his two parents died. All of a sudden, he was alone. And then he was admitted to Mercy Home – he had a home again.” Scott now wants to raise money for this home.

Family memories: Scott's grandpa Tom with his two sons

Scott's grandpa (second from right) after World War II in Chicago

His adopted son Demetrius has already contributed his share – 25 dollars from his birthday money for the orphans. In the meantime, more than 2,500 euros in donations have been collected over a fundraising website. “My goal is 5,000 euros for the children of the Mercy Home. Children who, like my grandfather, have been given a new home.” The support of the home – a heart project for Scott.

Scott started working for thyssenkrupp 25 years ago

His work with us is also close to his heart. And he has been doing so for 25 years. In March 1994 – at the age of 19 directly after high school – Scott started working for thyssenkrupp in North America. In production, he produced aluminum plates and steel ingots in Chicago.

Again and again, Scott shares his knowledge with young talents, as here with high school students on thyssenkrupp's Career Day

Today, Scott is not only active for thyssenkrupp in IT, he is also constantly evolving in hs production expertise

A tough job that was to be the beginning of a successful career for Scott. Because he had always been interested in computer systems, he switched to IT on his own initiative: “During this time, I was also in Germany, at the headquarter. The best moment was when a colleague invited me to his home village. Then we celebrated the Schützenfest with his whole family. I will never forget that.”

42.2 kilometers for a good cause

Some of his colleagues will also come to the marathon to cheer on Scott at the track. Then, Scott will be able to rely on his experience: He ran the first marathon for his adopted son. “When I became a father, I was 35 years old. So I was quite old to become a dad. All my acquaintances at that point were already parents. So I trained for the marathon to be a fit father to my son.”

Scott and his adopted son Demetrius smile in front of the “Mercy Home” orphanage – exactly where Scott’s grandfather once found a second home

The second time Scott crossed the finish line of a marathon was eight years ago. “Only for myself,” he says. The third one is scheduled for October 13th – this time for Grandpa Tom and the orphanage in Chicago.

Scott will give everything at the Chicago Marathon to reach his goal

Unfortunately, Scott’s grandfather and his mother will not be at the marathon because they are no longer alive. But they are represented: Scott’s aunts and uncles want to cheer him on at the finish line with Scott’s son Demetrius. They are also grateful to Mercy Home for saving Grandpa Tom.

Scott worked long for this special moment – he trains to practising hard for his next big marathon

For his grandfather, his very personal hero, and for the home, Scott will give everything to reach his goal: “It would be great if I could do it in 3 hours 30, so 3 hours 45 would, of course, be okay. But just completing the marathon is an accomplishment in itself.”

If you would like to contribute to The Mercy Home and support Scott’s marathon efforts, please follow this link. You can also read more about Grandpa Tom as well as the wonderful work The Mercy Home has been doing for the past 130 years: