Awarded for the third time in a row

The Valor Inovação yearbook has recognised thyssenkrupp for the third consecutive year

In the more than 180 years that thyssenkrupp has operated in South America, the company has spearheaded initiatives that have transformed the local industry and, consequently, the society. This year, in addition to recognition from a number of our customers, we were recognised by the market for the third consecutive time as one of the 5 most innovative companies in Brazil in the capital goods sector, according to the Valor Econômico newspaper’s Valor Inovação ranking.

We were included, together with more than 200 other large companies, in a broad survey conducted by Valor Econômico in partnership with the PwC group’s Strategy& consulting firm, which considered investments made in research, development and innovation, as well as criteria such as intention to innovate, efforts in innovating, results achieved, market assessment, and published patents.

thyssenkrupp has more than a hundred innovation projects developed in cooperation with universities and other institutions that foster innovation. An example is Fraunhofer, a German applied research organization, which has units in several countries, including Brazil. In addition, all of our Brazilian units are connected to their respective business areas and centres of excellence in Germany and other countries where thyssenkrupp operates, forming a global innovation chain.

We have a structure of 90 R&D centers (4 of them located in Brazil: two in São Paulo, one in Paraná and one in Rio Grande do Sul), where more than 4 thousand specialists work. In the last fiscal year (2017/2018), €787 million were invested in research and development globally.

“Our innovation strategy is based on the following pillars: responsibility throughout the product’s life cycle, sustainability, evaluation of future markets, and the ability to bring new ideas quickly to the current market. Any idea that has business potential or increases productivity and sustainability is widely supported. Here, we are convinced that innovation is not only a matter of research and development, it should be part of all employees’ daily life and mindset”, says Paulo Alvarenga, thyssenkrupp’s CEO for South America.

An innovation mindset put into practice by thyssenkrupp

The Brazilian thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions unit is a center of excellence in mining for the entire Group and is at the forefront of important innovations that are setting new standards in the sector. An example of this is the largest and most modern automated train load-out system (TLO) ever, which the Brazil’s team developed and implemented at a large iron ore mine in the country’s Northern region. With a 16,000 MT/h nominal capacity, the equipment eliminates human operational errors and significantly increases productivity.

This year, thyssenkrupp Elevator began marketing the MAX predictive maintenance solution in the country. It enables elevators to “talk” with technicians and anticipate faults that could compromise the equipment’s availability. It is already operational in more than 125 thousand elevators of more than 43 thousand thyssenkrupp’s customers around the world, and in Brazil the goal is to implement this technology in 50% of the installed customer base in up to three years.

thyssenkrupp is also a pioneer in Industry 4.0 in the country with the installation of an automotive components factory in 2015 that features digital technologies, interconnected processes across the chain, production monitored in a virtual environment, and other concepts that lead to great flexibility with efficiency gains, quality improvement and cost reduction.

The five most innovative companies in capital goods in Brazil 2019

  • 1 Embraer
  • 2 WEG
  • 3 Embraco
  • 4 Schneider Electric
  • 5 thyssenkrupp