Common ground, myths and sources of confidence

klar:text with Ursula Gather, Martina Merz, Oliver Burkhard

Making a difference through our own actions

klar:text under corona conditions

"The chaff separates from the wheat - And we are the wheat"

The second audiogram with Materials Services CEO Martin Stillger focuses on current challenges and opportunities for the business and how Corona is changing the way we work with customers.

The path of green hydrogen

Hydrogen is the element that occurs most frequently in our universe. It is found all around us and can be used as a climate-neutral energy carrier.

A strong team in the crisis

IT makes home office possible for everyone within a few days

14 tons of concentrated reliability

The 1,000th rotor bearing for multi-megawatt wind turbines

How thyssenkrupp is providing Corona aid

thyssenkrupp is active in 78 countries worldwide - and everywhere its more than 160,000 employees are working with creative solutions to combat the corona pandemic, including in the Ruhr area.

"I have no conflict of priorities within me."

Materials Services CEO Martin Stillger talks about central and local measures in the corona pandemic, the sad gravity of the situation, as well as employee well-being and business interests.