3D-printed face visors for those who need them

In Germany, some of our sites with 3D-printers have started printing head-holders for do-it-yourself face protection visors. As there currently is a great need for all kinds of protective gear like face masks etc world-wide, make-shift solutions to help cover demand are popping up everywhere. One of several ways to make a face visor utilizes 3D printing.

thyssenkrupp Presta in Chemnitz have developed their own design, which is easier to print in comparison to some of the open source designs currently available on the web.

All it takes to make such a visor is an A4/letter-size sheet of flexible, clear plastic (e.g. lamination pouches or 0.2mm cover sheets used for spiral or comb binding) lamination and three brass paper fasteners.

Ocuppational Safety & Health (OSH) are currently evaluating potential tk-internal demand for such face visors, but external interest is already there:

The colleagues in Chemnitz can print 7 pieces per day, and have so far donated 20 to various people like pharmacy staff etc. (identified via an internal e-mail to all employees at the Chemnitz site, asking if people know someone who would need and appreciate such a visor)

Springs & Stabilizers in Hagen also have a small printer that can currently produces 40 pieces per week. Their first 100 pieces will shortly be donated to the City of Hagen Fire Department.

Maybe you know of or have free 3-D printing resources at your site. If there is a local demand for these non-certified, make-shift pieces of protective gear, maybe you can produce some of these too and help someone who needs them (first responders, aiders to the homeless, nursing homes etc.) If you do, please let us know at contact.we@thyssenkrupp.com

The printing file for the tk visor-holders can be downloaded here: https://transfer.thyssenkrupp.com/public/q102578n_8a7644f50d07d44ef1bbfe/