Common ground, myths and sources of confidence

klar:text with Ursula Gather, Martina Merz, Oliver Burkhard

Making a difference through our own actions

klar:text under corona conditions

“Il grano si separa dal loglio – e noi siamo il grano”

Nel secondo audiogramma con Martin Stillger, CEO di Materials Services, si parla delle sfide e delle opportunità attuali per il business e di come il coronavirus stia cambiando il nostro modo di lavorare con i clienti.
Automotive Technology

Change on the Management Board of the Damper business unit

From October 1 John Kuijpers will take over the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Damper business unit (thyssenkrupp Bilstein).

Interview with Dr. Karsten Kroos

We spoke to Dr. Karsten Kroos, CEO Automotive Technology, about the changes in the automotive segment, the impact of the corona crisis and the focus of the work in the coming months.

How thyssenkrupp is providing Corona aid

thyssenkrupp is active in 78 countries worldwide - and everywhere its more than 160,000 employees are working with creative solutions to combat the corona pandemic, including in the Ruhr area.
Elevator Technology

"You shouldn't be afraid of failure"

In the context of the International Women's Day, we spoke to one of 3.8 billion women worldwide: Maria Uribe.

It's about talent, not gender

In the spirit of International Women's Day, we spoke with three female engineers who follow their professional passion at thyssenkrupp Elevator.

Comments on the Elevator sale

Martina Merz, Peter Walker, the buyers, both major shareholders and IG Metall comment on the sale.
Plant Technlology

Il percorso dell’idrogeno verde

L’idrogeno è l’elemento più abbondante nel nostro universo. Si trova ovunque intorno a noi e può essere utilizzato come vettore energetico neutro dal punto di vista climatico.

Grazie per il tuo impegno

Ispezione dei reattori in Italia

Thank you for your commitment

Our colleagues on the challenges they face in times of Corona
Materials Services

Compliance commitment also in Corona times

Rather forego a contract and fail to reach internal goals than act against the law – this continues to apply without exception.

New set-up for MX/GPI

newtk has an impact on many areas – including IT service delivery at MX

A protective screen for rolling up

The coronavirus crisis demonstrates the particular inventive spirit that prevails at thyssenkrupp.
Steel Europe

Intervista con il CEO di Rasselstein Dr. Peter Biele

“Notiamo che la gente mangia più spesso a casa”

Thank you for your commitment

Our colleagues on the challenges they face in times of Corona

Employee information

Bernhard Osburg on Heavy Plate Business Unit