Sequins, steel and a vision in white

Bridal fashion model Lisa Hoffmann is truly multi-talented – Steel apprentice “between tulle and tears”.

All in white: The 22-year-old from Bochum appears at fashion shows, wedding fairs and photo shoots, and models for a bridal wear store in Hagen.

Between tulle and tears: Bridal fashion model Lisa Hoffmann demonstrates her acting talent in the reality show produced by TV channel Vox.

A real eye-catcher: During the day Lisa Hoffmann is completing her apprenticeship at the Bochum plant, while her hobbies include modeling wedding dresses.

Anyone hoping to catch Lisa Hoffmann relaxing is in for a long wait. The 22-year-old rarely has a minute to spare: In addition to her apprenticeship at Steel she still has plenty of energy for her hobbies. “Things have just turned out this way over the years,” says the employee at the Bochum plant. “Dancing has been my passion since my early childhood. Now modeling has become a new hobby.” And this has led to an appearance on TV – the young woman can now also be seen in the show “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen” (“Between tulle and tears”).

The apprentice office management clerk has been dedicated to Latin formation dancing since she was young. Lisa Hoffmann also indulges her love for fancy creations as a bridal fashion model. For example she appeared at the Paris Bridal Fair in April, modeling dresses designed by Manuela Miezal from Bochum. The TV channel Vox has also knocked at her door: as part of the reality TV show “Zwischen Tüll und Tränen” (weekdays at 5.00 p.m.) they are covering the fashion show at the opening of Manuela Miezal’s bridal wear shop in downtown Hagen. Along the way Lisa Hoffmann has also gained a reputation as a gifted baker and confectioner. Her cakes and cupcakes are a great hit at birthdays and of course weddings.

High heels, high fashion and dream locations included

Her secret recipe is absolute concentration on the challenge at hand – whether as an apprentice, dancer or model – mixed with lots of energy and charm. In front of the camera Lisa Hoffmann is a real chameleon. Viewers of her pictures are occasionally hard pressed to recognize the young woman. Sometimes playful and dreamy, sometimes ladylike and reserved and sometimes as a true diva: As a dancer since childhood she intuitively knows which pose is appropriate in what situation. “Last year an acquaintance asked me if I would like to model the bridal fashion she designs.” The fabulous gowns and her personal experience meant she didn’t have to think about it for very long: “There are many overlaps between dancing and modeling,” says the multi-talented Lisa: “It’s all about expressing your personality while being careful not to overshadow the big picture – in one case it’s a formation, in the other it’s a great dress. You need to be in the moment and have good posture and charisma.”

The Steel apprentice spends a lot of her free time traveling

For example the 22-year-old has already completed haute couture photo shoots in Düsseldorf and Brussels, and in April she went to one of the world’s most important wedding fairs, the “Bridal Fair” in Paris, where she presented the new collection to business customers. Lisa Hoffmann’s images have also been to a bridal fashion fair in New York – and were so successful that they are still on show in clothing shops there months later. “It’s a great feeling to know that there are pictures of me somewhere in Manhattan – although I would of course rather have been there in person than just in photos,” says the Bochum resident.

So is modeling now set to replace the dancing career? “For the time being I’m focusing on my last apprenticeship year at thyssenkrupp,” says Lisa Hoffmann. “In the meantime I’ll be doing lots of training for myself and the children’s dancing group that I support at the VfL Bochum club.” For time reasons she has had to turn down offers from several clubs to join their national league formations and pull out of her current team. She hopes that in one or two years she will be able to play an active part again. “I just need to work off all my energy and the best way to do that is with samba, rumba and cha-cha-cha.”

Sparkle and glitter: A future full of possibilities

With all the sparkle and glitter in her free time, work seems less exciting but Lisa Hoffmann is happy in Bochum: “I’m good at the commercial side of things and the apprenticeship gives me the opportunity to develop my skills in that area.” So as she says, she’s not getting bored. “I have definitely chosen the right job.” Her colleagues are avidly following her steps into the limelight, as are her family and friends. Whether it’s her exceptional baking at home, big fairs in Paris and appearances on German TV or dancing, youth development work and steel in Bochum: Lisa Hoffmann doesn’t stand still.