600 couples tie the knot thanks to ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp CSA organizes mass wedding ceremony. 1,200 people say "I do".

Getting married is a complicated affair in Brazil. It's expensive, and administrative hurdles often make it difficult for people to legalize their partnership. As a result many couples who would like to marry just live together instead.

Corporate citizenship

So last weekend ThyssenKrupp CSA, the biggest employer in western Rio de Janeiro, stepped in: The company organized a mass wedding ceremony, helping 600 couples legalize their relationships. 20 places were specially reserved for ThyssenKrupp employees and their partners.

For a chance to take part, employees had to apply by sending in a photo of themselves and their partners together with a short account of their love story. One of the lucky winners was Davi Lima, a mechanic in the byproducts unit, and his partner Vanessa:. "We're so happy we've at last been able to get married and we're grateful to CSA for this support. Only a company that values its employees can help them fulfill a wish like this. We'll never forget this special Sunday."

Volunteer wedding helpers

A total of 42 CSA employees were on hand to organize and coordinate the event and support the 1,200 brides and grooms. With great enthusiasm they helped line up the happy couples, take their photographs, bring them snacks and drinks and present them with their wedding certificates. "I had great fun at the event and I'm proud of the way my employer is building up relationships with the local community and helping people – including its own employees – in a very practical way," says Tatiane Brito, assistant in the finance department.

Luciana Finazzi, communications manager at CSA, is satisfied with the event: "We were only able to put on such a big event thanks to all the great support we had. CSA has made a lot of people happy – you can't wish for more than that!"