“It’s our future”

The European Community turns 60: Over 100 apprentices at thyssenkrupp in Duisburg discuss the importance and purpose of the EU

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, apprentices from Steel in Duisburg got together to discuss the European Union.

What does the European Union mean to us today? This was the key question addressed by young people at Steel in Duisburg at an EU workshop marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which was signed on March 25, 1957 and laid the foundation for close cooperation between the states of Europe. More than 100 Steel apprentices took part in the event, organized among others by the thyssenkrupp Technical Center and the Works Council youth representatives.

First of all the apprentices turned to the internet to find out more about the EU in general. This was followed by a discussion of the European Community and in particular the areas of importance to the steel industry. Current challenges such as the Greek crisis, Brexit, right-wing populism and refugee policy were addressed at length. “We feel it’s very important for these young people to look beyond their technical training and also talk about current events,” says Klaus-Peter Lesch, head of the Technical Center in Duisburg. “In particular we wanted to know how they see the values of the European Community 60 years on from its establishment.” The political debate with the apprentices also took in the numerous elections coming up this year and the question of whether they should vote or not.