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Our colleagues on the challenges they face in times of Corona

IT departments around the world are working at full speed to ensure a fully functioning home office. Local colleagues are stepping in for those who are no longer able to travel to project locations from abroad. Others are taking on responsibility to keep those plants running that cannot be shut down or paused. COVID-19 greatly affected the way we work and taught us to be #strongertogether. We asked our employees: How does your working day look like during the pandemic and what challenges do you currently face?

We received answers from all around the world. Employees from different thyssenkrupp locations described their current work situation and told us how they experience the Corona pandemic. From creative solutions to support across continents – this is how our colleagues are dealing with the current situation.

Spontaneity and solidarity were needed in Aix-en-Provence, France, the business demonstrated how to #sticktogether in a crisis.

Great teamwork in Duisburg, Germany: everyone is doing their best to keep the plant running.

Stepping in for colleagues and support across continents was what kept a project site in Alabama, USA, running.

In Duisburg, Germany, the IT department has gone to great lengths to support colleagues in establishing connections and a digital infrastructure at home.

The team in Duisburg, Germany, is currently doing everything they can to keep the company running – after all, you can’t simply switch off a blast furnace.

In Aix-en-Provence, France, major steps were taken to ensure remote work for the colleagues at thyssenkrupp Cement Technologies as quickly as possible.

In Saudi Arabia the team is working together to ensure the systems on site are running smoothly.

With coordinated response plans and daily monitoring of the health of all team members, a team in Alabama, USA, supports each other during the crisis.