The forward-thinking warehouse

A digitized warehouse in Spain is to supply spare parts for several countries.

Four steel giants for Baku

The longest escalators that thyssenkrupp Elevator has ever produced in Germany have gone now into operation in Azerbaijan.

The silent revolution

A cable-free MULTI elevator successfully completed its maiden voyage in the Rottweil testing tower. The developer team now wants to bring it quickly to market – and a customer is already waiting.

Horizontal integration

Elevator Technology knows how to transport people effectively inside buildings. For BMW’s Research and Innovation Center (FIZ), the IT experts have now designed a complete transport solution – complete with self-driving robo-taxis.

A subway to the sky

Students all over the world have been inspired by MULTI, TWIN and ACCEL. Their designs show what the city of the future will look like.

Lifting vision into reality

thyssenkrupp has unveiled the world’s first maglev elevator in a spectacular ceremony attracting global media attention. we.online was present as the MULTI made its first trip. We take you behind the scenes of one of the most exciting customer events of t

The appeal of switches and buttons

People on the autism spectrum love elevators. The U.S. Elevator team provides support and relief for these individuals.

Underground revolution

In Hamburg, thyssenkrupp produced its longest and narrowest escalators to date. They are to be used in the subway in Tbilisi.

Bringing the TWIN to a London icon

The Scalpel, one of London’s most unique skyscraper construction sites, is where thyssenkrupp is installing 16 elevator units, including 11 TWINs. Elevator CEO Andreas Schierenbeck recently visited the site.

Getting a taste for heights

thyssenkrupp's test tower for elevators is almost finished. The research operations have started up. we.online takes an exclusive look behind the scenes of a unique facility which houses what is already today one of the Group's most spectacular projects.

More enjoyable, less stress

thyssenkrupp Elevator is making a resolute move forward into the digital age. Integrating Microsoft HoloLens technology will give service technicians the ability to leverage computer-generated 3D applications and acquire virtual assistance from around the

The RORY effect

Thanks to the ingenuity of Rory Smith, inventor of an algorithm to improve elevator uptime, and due to the revolutionary MAX project, the elevator industry worldwide is on the brink of a new era

Faster, finer, better

thyssenkrupp Elevator installed modern passenger boarding bridges and other systems at Galeão International Airport in record time