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From Africa to Germany and back

Seth Miah, Regional Manager in West Africa, joined thyssenkrupp through the "Afrika kommt!" program. His plans are ambitious: thyssenkrupp shall become an important supporter of the industrialization of his region.

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I come from a family of seven and enjoyed my childhood in Africa very much. Nevertheless, I began to pursue one of my greatest passions early on by completing my Master's degree in London: Discover the world. I always remember this exciting time, which was just the beginning of a voyage of discovery. Today I have already visited 35 countries and I hope that many more will follow.

As an intern in Germany

I spent most of my professional life in business management. One of my greatest experiences so far has been participating in the project "Afrika kommt!” The program was founded in 2008 by 20 leading German companies to attract young executives from Africa. It serves to further qualify young, talented technical and management personalities.

I was fortunately selected for the program in July 2016 and was initially an intern at thyssenkrupp in Germany for a year. I've been to Europe as a student, but coming to Germany as an expert was a whole new experience for me. I learned German and got to know the mentality of German companies and also the culture, which is very different from my home country, Ghana.

thyssenkrupp's presence in West Africa grows

After my internship, I was taken over by thyssenkrupp and am now regional manager in West Africa. In this role, I organized a meeting between the president of Ghana and the thyssenkrupp delegation headed by Oliver Burkhard. As a result, thyssenkrupp now cooperates with state-owned oil companies and with mining, cement and fertilizer companies in the region and has increased its presence in the region.

This was really a big step in my career and it was also an honor for me to be the first employee for thyssenkrupp in Ghana. I am confident that with the help of my colleagues, I will be able to bring on board further projects for thyssenkrupp to cover the region. I believe that this will enable us to raise Africa's level of development. True to the motto: engineering. tomorrow. together.

As everywhere, it is important in my home country to start the strategic positioning of a brand at an early stage. My colleagues and I are working with great commitment and passion to achieve this goal. Another of my goals is to define long-term plans that will make thyssenkrupp an important supporter of industrialization in the region.