Helping fight alcoholism

With his show “I’ll stop tomorrow” at the Steel Europe training center in Hamborn, well-known German actor Karlheinz Lemken provided an insight into his battle with alcoholism. Steel Europe’s Social Service unit provides help and advice.

It’s pitch black in the auditorium of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s training center in Hamborn. A couple of people clear their throats, there’s some excited murmuring: What’s going to happen now? Then the stage lights up and Karlheinz Lemken’s one-man show begins. Over the next 75 minutes the experienced actor relates the story of his desperate battle with alcoholism and subsequent fall from social grace. The audience is gripped by his tale, gasping in horror when the character on stage once again takes to the bottle – followed by relief as Lemken reveals that he is now in rehab and seeking help.

Reality on the stage

It is a moving piece, a case of art imitating reality. “Lots of people have worrying drinking habits or an alcohol dependency. In many cases they have a problem they don’t want to face up to, or they have friends or colleagues who drink too much. The aim of the play is to show just how quickly someone can descend into alcoholism, but also that help is at hand,” says Kai Pilgermann, who is Health & Safety manager at the Duisburg Hüttenheim site and organized the performance.

“Anyone affected can contact our Social Service unit at any time”.

KAI PILGERMANN, Health & Safety manager at the Duisburg Hüttenheim site

Help in the fight against addiction

“Anyone affected can contact our Social Service unit at any time. Calls are voluntary, and our staff are sworn to confidentiality. They can provide quick, professional help, not just now but also with follow-up care. Our Social Service unit is a recognized addiction counseling facility and available to all employees.” All callers are guaranteed discreet assistance, says Pilgermann. Ingeborg Erichsen, head of the Health department, also says: “The play was very moving and realistic, presenting the problem in a way that really gets under your skin. For us, it’s important to get the message across that if Steel employees have a problem, they are not alone: Our Social Service unit can provide quick and professional help. We hope that the show’s message will get through to all our employees.” Contact persons at the Social Service unit can be found here.