Time to act – step by step towards the vision

Why do we need a vision? What role does the management play? And why do we have to take action now?

These are the questions that the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG discussed with the TOP250 executives of the Business Area Steel Europe end of March. All of the purposes of the event, namely to furnish information, to give examples, to talk about successes and to identify further strategies, were fulfilled. The group of senior vice presidents, directly reporting executives and managing directors of subsidiaries are agreed that they have to move forward together: “We need to create an optimistic mood, when the general mood is pessimistic. We need courage, optimism and a vision“, says Reinhard Täger, Head of the Rolling and Finishing Department in Bochum.

At the end of 2013, the executive board, the senior vice presidents and the managing directors of the subsidiaries developed and formulated the vision of the Business Area Steel Europe – an objective about what the company is to mean to its customers and staff by the year 2020, about what it is going to do and what will be its distinctive features. The point is now to make this vision happen. “It is not supposed to be a poster that we hang on the wall”, says Andreas J. Goss who emphasized that the vision now has to be operationalized. “To that end, all executives must get on board. Every one of us must back the vision, otherwise we will not be able to put it into practice”, says Dr. Heribert R. Fischer.

When it comes to implementing the vision, the company does not have to start from scratch. Quite the contrary: With the programs and initiatives already launched, Steel Europe is getting closer to its objective. That is why the interaction between the vision and already existing programs, like, for instance, BiC Reloaded and daproh, is especially important now.

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