The dream job

René Reitmajer began working at ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein as a trainee and plans to stay until his retirement. His work lets him do what he enjoys, and he enjoys doing a lot!

Mine was not a typical career path. I worked my way up in the truest meaning of the word, and am extremely fortunate because today I can do what I enjoy and what I am good at. I joined the company as a 16-year-old trainee in 1997. I was always interested in mathematics and physics so I decided to train as an electronics installer. My father was also a positive influence on me. He is a master craftsman and encouraged me to do a technical apprenticeship when it became clear that I did not want to carry on studying in school.

After the apprenticeship, I spent two years working at the packing station in finishing services and prepared rings for dispatch, doing night shifts too. However, I found this too monotonous and switched to Splitting Plant 1. I worked as a fitter, and later conducted inspections before moving to Material Planning. Each small step came with more tasks and greater responsibility. I enjoyed this because I like learning new things, and I’m good at communicating with people. That is why I was offered the role of shift supervisor at the age of 25. This was under the condition that I would complete internal training as a foreman, which I happily did as well.

“Treating others with respect and fairness, and order and discipline are important to me.”

RENÉ REITMAJER, Idea management in finishing services

Afterwards I had to take a career break for a couple of months to look after my wife, who was seriously ill, and my new-born son. The company and colleagues were brilliant at supporting me during this difficult time, and really helped me to get back into things after my leave of absence. I am still grateful for this today. Things got exciting after the break, as I searched for tasks that interested me, and that helped me move from production to personnel development. Today I split my time between guiding processes for group work and coordinating ideas for suggestion systems, and working as a quality trainer representative in the production. I help work on improvement suggestions from 400 employees, run training sessions, assess work spaces, work as an occupational health supervisor, and lead safety courses. I moderate disputes, run workshops, and I’m always looking to see what can be optimized. I still appreciate a functioning, clean, and tidy system every bit as much as before. My latest project is 6S (see box). The feedback has been excellent so far and we will soon be expanding it to the entire finishing services department. I have a lot of ideas. I’m creative, enjoy communicating, and I’m tactful. I am born for this range of tasks. I enjoy analyzing, think strategically, and can get things moving quickly. Treating others with respect, equality, fairness, and a certain amount of order and discipline is important to me, and my family has greatly influenced me in this aspect.

I can clear my head best at home, but I am too much of a livewire to just laze around on the sofa. Instead I play with my son, play top-quality car racing games on the computer, do Pil Sung Taekwondo with the entire family, take part in aerobatics, play guitar, and go out with my dog. There are so many more things that I know I would enjoy doing, but I just don’t have the time! However, I know that I do not want to work anywhere else than Rasselstein. I want to retire here, as strange as that may sound at my age. My job is simply amazing.