Staying in shape: Service campaign for car manufacturers

Steel delivers custom shaped blanks enabling steel customers to eliminate one processing step

Service campaign launched at thyssenkrupp: The Group is expanding its offering for hot forming companies. In Duisburg, it is now possible to order manganese-boron steel for hot forming in the form of custom shaped blanks instead of coil. The customer then only needs to press them into the component they need. Matthias Berens, Product Manager at Steel, explains, “It’s an attractive option for both car manufacturers and component suppliers. There’s now a great need for this service. It means our customers have one less processing step and no extra costs for disposal of the scrap produced when cutting the blanks.”

Combined effort: Dieter Smits (l.) and Matthias Berens work hand in hand in order to offer thyssenkrupp’s automobile customers an additional service with regard to custom shaped blanks, e. g. for structural vehicle components.

For this, the Steel experts at thyssenkrupp are working together with supply chain specialist thyssenkrupp Schulte. “There must never be a disruption in the supply chain,” says Dieter Smits from thyssenkrupp Schulte. He works in the Business Area Materials Services and is in charge of timely, reliable delivery of the shaped blanks. “Our specialty is supply chain management, which is why we have the right network and IT support to back it up.”

When discussing the organizational workflow, Berens explains: “We at Steel deliver flat steel as coil. Our service experts at thyssenkrupp Schulte coordinate custom blanking and all subsequent steps in the logistics chain right down to delivery of the shaped blanks to our customers. We recycle the scrap, or rather the remainder of the cuts, so our customers don’t have to deal with it.” Combining these competences within the Group gives thyssenkrupp’s automobile customers an additional service and fast and transparent handling of deliveries from one source.