Be a creative manager for a day!

Give free rein to your imagination: Where is the new Group logo to be prominently positioned? Everyone who contributes will get a little surprise.

The new logo on the company sign at the entrance? Of course. The new company logo together with our slogan on all print materials and publications? We’re getting there, slowly but surely. Coffee mugs with the new logo? Possibly, but maybe it’s not quite creative enough. Imagine you were in charge of planning and carrying out the launch of the new logo for a day. Where would you choose to display it at the different locations? What are the best places and positions for the logo?

From big and bold on buildings and large-scale plants to small and subtle on products or personal work accessories. From standard displays such as navigation signs in a building or factory to unusual applications such as a work of art in the cafeteria, the visitor lounge, or on the outer walls of a building. This job calls for plenty of ideas and thinking outside the box – and the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. The pictures above show sketches of initial ideas for how designs might look.

The Communications team is eager to receive your suggestions. Simply send a photo of the best place for the logo at your location to the following e-mail address by December 1: Alternatively, you can sketch the logo on the photo itself and send it to us via mail (thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, Communications/Internal Communications, Internal Post Code: 300 Hamborn, Duisburg). If you prefer to create your images digitally, go ahead and add the logo or our slogan directly to the photograph on your computer. You could also simply write up your suggestion as a short text. The important thing is the idea itself.

The goal is simply to help us find ways to make the new logo visible. We will share the best and most original ideas and designs, and are looking forward to receiving your suggestions. Each participant will receive a thank-you surprise for participating – something featuring the brand new logo, of course.