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250,000th visitor on plant tour in the north of Duisburg

The 250,000th visitor to thyssenkrupp’s steel site in the north of Duisburg signs the visitors’ book. Vera Beregoi from the Republic of Moldova took part in the steel plant tour as part of a program to provide additional qualifications to immigrants with foreign degrees.

Three hours is barely enough time to get to know the vast Steel site in the north of Duisburg. It covers an area almost five times the size of Monaco, employs a workforce the size of a small town, and turns out more than 30,000 metric tons of pig iron every day. So Vera Beregoi is looking forward to returning for a special tour as part of the “ExtraSchicht – long night of industrial culture” event, during which she will enjoy a close-up experience of the plant from port to blast furnace to rolling mill in a very special atmosphere. The 25-year-old Moldovan won the tickets by being the 250,000th visitor to attend a plant tour at Steel in Duisburg.

The tour of thyssenkrupp’s site allows visitors to witness steel production live and close up. Film presentations in the 300 degree cinema prepare them for this experience.

The company’s visitor center opened in 1960, and since then over 15,000 visitors a year have taken part in continuously updated plant tours. In keeping with the motto of a “steel experience”, visitors currently have the opportunity to find out about the state-of-the-art production operations and the importance to the region of this vast iron and steel mill. In addition to visiting the production facilities, the “Steel to the power of ten” exhibition provides a greater insight into the material. A 300 degree cinema shows informative films about the manufacture and uses of steel, while the exhibition itself includes some out-of-the-ordinary items such as a meteorite. Vera Beregoi was delighted: “I was really taken by surprise when thyssenkrupp staff came up to me with the certificate, and I’m looking forward to coming back for a night-time experience during the “ExtraSchicht” event.”

Vera is currently taking part in the “OnTOP” program offered by the University of Duisburg-Essen to help immigrant graduates whose degrees are not recognized or not given the same weight as German degrees on the labor market. With a degree in economics from her native country, she is now attending language courses in preparation for her additional training in Duisburg. Rico Gerstenberger, who is head of recruitment at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG and a member of the “OnTOP” advisory council, had invited the foreign students on the program to take part in a plant tour.

Covering an area of almost ten square kilometers, the thyssenkrupp site is almost five times bigger than Monaco. It includes over 80 kilometers of roads and 470 kilometers of rails to transport raw materials, pig iron, crude steel, slabs, and rolled products.

Get to know Europe’s biggest steel production site:

Steel in Duisburg has been opening its doors to visitors since 1960. In recent years these tours have included highlights such as the “ExtraSchicht – Night of Industrial Culture” event, the “24 h Steel Live” tours as part of the “Week of Industry”, and tours for the blind and visually impaired on “White Stick Day”. Participants in plant tours must be at least 16 years old and wear sturdy footwear and clothes that cover their body. To register contact us: For more information go to