A protective screen for rolling up

The coronavirus crisis demonstrates the particular inventive spirit that prevails at thyssenkrupp. In the business units and at various locations, employees have responded creatively to the challenge of the pandemic - for example by developing new products to protect against infection. One good example is a roll-up partition wall which, installed between two desks, helps ensure compliance with hygiene rules. And who invented it? The Belgians at thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

Gradually, in many European countries, people are returning to their workplaces from the home office to which the Covid 19 pandemic had forced them. In view of the continuing risk of infection, they will have to get used to a slightly different working life than before the coronavirus crisis. Many others, who were unable to move their office home, have already had to comply with distance and hygiene rules in the workplace. Employers are required to develop concepts for a virus-safe working day.

A new product from thyssenkrupp Materials Services in Belgium is expected to help them do this. There they have developed a roll-up and roll-down partition wall, a so-called Flexiscreen, which can be attached to a desk in a few seconds with just a few hand movements. The Flexiscreen can be used to separate two workstations from each other, protecting employees from droplets that transmit the virus - even if the distance is less than two meters. To do this, they simply have to clamp the Flexiscreen between the brackets mounted on the desk: The roll-up screen is pulled out from one side and hooked into the holder on the other.

"We started developing the Flexiscreen in the middle of the coronavirus crisis when we realized that there was a great need for this type of protection," says Bob Adams, marketing manager of thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland. At the same time, parts of the usual business had collapsed considerably in the course of the crisis. The project was led by the Value Added Services (VAS) department, which has a lot of experience in product enhancement and packaging. They found the corresponding precursor products for the Flexiscreen at thyssenkrupp Laser Works and at suppliers who were also pleased to receive additional business during the crisis.

Within a short time Materials brought the product to market maturity. It is available in two different heights - approx. 71 cm and twoe color versions: with transparent or white screen. "We are convinced that with Flexiscreen we are offering an effective means of protecting office workers from infections," says Adams. "It's also easy to install, takes up little storage space and is easy to transport." And unlike a permanently installed protective shield, the Flexiscreen can be rolled up when protection is not required. In this way, working in the office almost feels like it did before the coronavirus crisis.

You can also find more information on the website: https://www.thyssenkrupp-materials.be/flexiscreen/en.