OPX@thyssenkrupp Aerospace

Operational Excellence (OPX) is, in addition to quality management and occupational safety, an important component of our orientation and a key factor for Excellerate. As part of our growth strategy, OPX is a key driver for further expanding our business in the targeted developing markets.

In the course of this further development those responsible at their location, together with our central OPX team, recently succeeded in implementing the OPX program in India and China. Among other things, all processes on site were closely examined and checked to see where potential for improvement could be identified.

Workshops in China and India

In Suzhou, employees and their managers participated in group training sessions to learn more about the OPX program and how to drive collaboration and process improvement.

In India, too, the local colleagues have intensively dealt with the topic of OPX and combined their workshop with the religious Holi festival.

Honors during the OPX Days

At the annual OPX Days, where the BA and worldwide community exchange information, several employees of thyssenkrupp Aerospace such as Antoine Harivel, Rene Herboth, Sandra Mutti and Stephen Ratz were able to celebrate their Six Sigma Green Belt certifications. Torben Bunk became a certified practitioner in Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving. We take this opportunity to say congratulations!

We also had a short interview with Sandra Mutti & Antoine Harivel:

Sandra Mutti

How long have you been with thyssenkrupp and what are you working on a normal day?

I've been with thyssenkrupp for two years. I don't really have a normal day because there are so many different projects I can support. As part of the global OPX team, I work intensively on optimizing our processes in France and other locations.

What do you like best about your work?

I like to support employees in making their work more effective and in dealing with new methods and concepts.

Where do you use your Six Sigma skills next?

The methodology will help me to structure my projects better. This is exactly what I need to work more effectively.

In your five-minute break...?

I'll do some exercises to relieve stress. But I also like to talk to my colleagues and have some fun. Laughing is very important.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I want to help us evolve as an organization and fully meet the needs of our customers. I also want to help develop new products and services that help our partners achieve their goals.

Antoine Harivel

How long have you been with thyssenkrupp and what are you working on on a normal day?

I have been working for tkA for more than eight years. Together with my team, we supply Stelia and Figeac Aerospace in France and North Africa with the necessary materials. That's about ten tons of material a day and thousands of kilometers we have to cover.

What do you like best about your work?

The aerospace industry always offers new challenges that we as an organization have to solve. I particularly like that and it makes the work very varied. But the most important thing is that we supply our customers just-in-time and manage our inventory properly.

Where do you use your Six Sigma skills next?

Continuously improving our processes to become even more efficient and to create new solutions for our customers. At our warehouse in Meaulte (France), for example, we have developed a process to match capacity with customer demand. We are currently examining whether we can roll out the solution and offer it to other customers.

In your five-minute break...?

I drink a cup of coffee, relax and think about the weekend or the next holiday in France.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a pilot. Even though this has not become reality, I enjoy working in the aviation industry very much and sometimes I imagine how many planes have been produced with our material in the past eight years. Basically, we have to work hard every day to make flying even safer. Six Sigma can be a great help here.

About OPX

With OPX - the combination of the words "operational" and "excellence" - thyssenkrupp aims to continuously improve its operating business. This is where everyone plays their part: every location, every team and every colleague. Our goal is to be a top partner for our customers. To achieve this, we must continue to improve - every day, everywhere, continuously and sustainably. That is why we have made OPX a central component of our corporate strategy.

“Everyone in the business can contribute to OPX. We can all take a close look at our work steps, find a solution together, continuously improve processes and learn from them”, says Andy Cutler, Head of Global Operational Excellence.