Nicolas Neuwirth Interview

Corona affects us all at thyssenkrupp and Materials Services. In interviews we show you how our colleagues in the many different geographical and business corners of MX are dealing with the situation in a personal way. #strongertogether

This time with us... Nicolas Neuwirth, Managing Director of thyssenkrupp Plastics GmbH

1. What's concerns you most right now?

That we succeed in ensuring that all colleagues get through the pandemic well.

2. What makes you most optimistic right now?

Our team ... especially in these times of crisis, I can feel how all our colleagues are handling the many new tasks and changes with great enthusiasm and high motivation in an exemplary manner.

3. How do you maintain contact with your people?

Every day we have a telephone conference with about 35 employees and exchange information on current topics such as pandemics, the IT situation and logistics. In addition, we discuss daily topics from the branches, from the purchasing and disposition departments and our market segments. Unfortunately, the discussions cannot be held in person ... but even in this form they are very intensive and lively.

4. How do you keep in touch with your customers?

I have less contact with our customers at the moment, but I am in constant exchange and close coordination with our suppliers.

5. What do you currently miss most (personal/professional)?

I really miss my intensive travel activities and the personal encounters in our locations.

6. What are you looking forward to most when the shutdown is over?

I am already looking forward to meeting our employees in person again and to simply strolling through the streets of Stuttgart at the weekend and stopping off somewhere for a drink.

7. How do you distract yourself?

I try (mostly I manage it) to do sports in the morning and collect positive thoughts and look forward to the upcoming day.

8. What are you doing now that is different from before Corona? And do you want to keep it that way?

At the moment I use digital media much more intensively than before Corona and I will certainly maintain this to a certain extent. Of the health protection measures that are now top priority, we will certainly retain a lot in the future.

9. People say that in every crisis there is an opportunity. Right or wrong. And why is that?

Yes and no ... I think the interesting thing about a crisis is not knowing what the world will look like afterwards. What has changed and what will remain? Changes on a large scale worry us humans. I see the opportunity to participate in change and wherever possible to influence it to achieve the best for us and thyssenkrupp Plastics. We must also recognize new trends and opportunities for us from a crisis and do so faster than our competitors.

10. During these extraordinary weeks, have you had experiences that you would like to share? What have you perhaps discovered anew?

The experience of having such a fantastic team is just great.

11. What message do you want to send to the 20,000 employees of MX?

Try to develop positive thoughts for each day and the many challenges that lie ahead will become smaller.