New set-up for MX/GPI

The core of the newtk strategy is to transform the company into a powerful "Group of Companies" with a lean management model and a clearly structured portfolio. This will also have a significant impact on IT service delivery within the thyssenkrupp Group. IT service provision for Materials Services has so far been divided into three areas:

  • CO/GPI for governance, reporting, framework agreements and licenses (e.g. SAP, Microsoft) and the daproh systems

  • thyssenkrupp Business Services (GSS IT) for the support, maintenance and operation of some central infrastructure services, applications and IT billing

  • MX/GPI for coordination of IT demands with the MX business, IT projects, IT service management, security, IT controlling and purchasing as well as functional extensions of the IT infrastructure and applications

Within the framework of newtk, these three units will be merged into two by the end of the financial year 20/21:

  • MX/GPI (Materials Services Group Processes and Information Technology)

  • IM (Information Management)

Furthermore, the Thane site in India will be assigned to Materials Services, i.e. in the future we will be able to contract directly with our colleagues in Thane without having to go via GSS IT in Germany, which promises faster and more efficient processes.

As a result, the organizational simplifications will lead to a reduction in technical, process and organizational interfaces, more direct decision-making processes and lower overall IT costs.

Along the way, services will be transferred from CO/GPI and GSS IT to MX/GPI. This transfer will take place in two waves. In the so-called wave 1, the IT services for applications, e.g. SAP support, will be transferred on October 1, 2020. In the course of the coming fiscal year, the central infrastructure services and SAP operations will essentially follow in wave 2. These transfers will also include the provision of services in Poland and India. These will be bundled for MX in Thane. In addition, cross-divisional tasks such as IT service catalog, IT billing and asset and license management will be transferred to MX/GPI.

Our colleagues at MX/GPI have been working flat out on this transition since February 2020, while at the same time preparing to optimize the services taken over. They are driven by the medium-term goal of offering business-oriented, transparent and efficient IT services from a single source for the MX group companies. At the same time, we are working to ensure that the IT services are available to users without disruption during the transfer.

As of October 1, 2020, we will welcome 47 new employees from GSS IT to MX/GPI as part of the transfer of operations.