Interview Utku Aksoy

Corona affects us all at thyssenkrupp and Materials Services. In interviews we show you how our colleagues in the many different geographical and business corners of MX are dealing with the situation in a personal way. #strongertogether

This time with us... Utku Aksoy, CEO thyssenkrupp Materials Turkey

1. What concerns you most right now?

Personal freedom.

2. What makes you most optimistic right now?

Personal health.

3. How do you maintain contact with your people?

With 2 meters of distance.

4. How do you keep in touch with your customers?

We keep in touch by phone.

5. What do you currently miss most?

Freedom and mobility as well as not performing as usual.

6. What are you looking forward to most when the shutdown is over?

To see my parents and to return to normal business life.

7. How do you distract yourself?

By enjoying time with my family.

8. What are you doing now that is different from before Corona? And do you want to keep it that way?

Sel-motivation is different and yes, I want to keep it that way.

9. People say that in every crisis there is an opportunity. Right or wrong? And why is that?

Exactly, I understood things that I did not give importance before.

10. During these extraordinary weeks, have you had experiences that you would like to share? What have you perhaps discovered anew?

Personal freedom as well as mobility are very important things in our lives.

11. What message do you want to send to the 20,000 employees of MX?

Stay healthy and be prepared for the big challenge because nothing will be the same as before.