Interview Sanjin Butorac

Corona affects us all at thyssenkrupp and Materials Services. In interviews we show you how our colleagues in the many different geographical and business corners of MX are dealing with the situation in a personal way. #strongertogether

This time with us... Sanjin Butorac, Manager of Branch Office Zagreb, thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

1. What concerns you most right now?

The reckless behaviour of the population and the lax measures against Corona of the most affected countries, as well as the economic situation in the EU

2. What makes you most optimistic right now?

That the number of infected people is decreasing here in Croatia and that the crisis team has reacted and prepared itself very well.

3. How do you maintain contact with your people?

On the phone and by mail, since we are three employees and work from home.

4. How do you keep in touch with your customers?

By phone and e-mail.

5. What do you currently miss most?

The freedom of movement.

6. What are you looking forward to most when the shutdown is over?

Personally, to holiday by the sea and professionally the contact to customers.

7. How do you distract yourself?

My son is seven months old, he's a very good distraction.

8. What are you doing now that is different from before Corona? And do you want to keep it that way?

It's become much more difficult to sell than before. We are trying to go other ways, especially with regard to who can deliver in time and how deliveries to Croatia are possible. We will continue to use the flexibility and broad product range at thyssenkrupp Materials Services.

9. People say that in every crisis there is an opportunity. Right or wrong? And why is that?

That's right, everything is changing very quickly and strongly. We should adapt to the situation as quickly as possible and use our internal potential as far as possible and adapt even more to the market and customers.

10. During these extraordinary weeks, have you had experiences that you would like to share? What have you perhaps discovered anew?

We had record sales in March 2020, because we knew what to expect in view of the delivery problems. We were in constant contact with our customers, made the best of this situation and with a lot of effort we got many orders and delivered orders mostly despite international transport problems. We have reacted very quickly with possible deliveries for our customers.

11. What message do you want to send to the 20,000 employees of MX?

We have to be a fast, flexible and reliable partner for our customers, strengthen all our sales channels and logistics and lower administrative hurdles to be more successful.