Interview András Verseghi-Nagy

Corona affects us all at thyssenkrupp and Materials Services. In interviews we show you how our colleagues in the many different geographical and business corners of MX are dealing with the situation in a personal way. #strongertogether

This time with us... András Verseghi-Nagy, CEO thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary and Slovakia.

1. What concerns you most right now?

The health situation as well as my family and colleagues.

2. What makes you most optimistic right now?

With regard to the virus, the discipline of the Hungarian and Slovakian people and my hope in the world health care system. With regard to our company: Seeing the motivation of our colleagues in hard times.

3. How do you maintain contact with your people?

Via the phone and web meetings.

4. How do you keep in touch with your customers?

Via phone and email. Our colleagues are very motivated to keep the business relations as strong as possible.

5. What do you currently miss most?

The personal contact to relatives, friends and colleagues.

6. What are you looking forward to most when the shutdown is over?

To meet again with colleagues and celebrate that we survived the crisis without any serious health issues but with a very strong motivational level to beat our competitors.

7. How do you distract yourself?

If you have high self-motivation, then it’s enough to keep yourself in a good shape. And I try to do sports at home or run in the empty streets.

8. What are you doing now that is different from before Corona? And do you want to keep it that way?

More home office opportunities and web meetings with colleagues outside of Budapest.

9. People say that in every crisis there is an opportunity. Right or wrong? And why is that?

There is a big opportunity for us to be stronger and to increase our market share. And now we have enough time to start and realize projects, which can help us to be better in the future.

10. During these extraordinary weeks, have you had experiences that you would like to share? What have you perhaps discovered anew?

You can see who the tough people are in this hard situation. From a human point of view and from a motivational point of view.

11. What message do you want to send to the 20,000 employees of MX?

Motivation at work can help not to think too much about the virus. And we will win together!