Innovative product made of proven material

At thyssenkrupp Plastics they are building transparent partitions from PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets which are used as a mobile protective barrier against droplet infections at the point of sale. Normally, these solid yet lightweight construction elements are used for roofing terraces. But what is normal in Corona times?

Distance rules and precautions determine the daily routine in corona times. Transparent protective shields made of acrylic glass, e.g. PLEXIGLAS® or other plastics are now a familiar sight at the cash desks of retail stores, in pharmacies and banks, public institutions, petrol stations - in fact everywhere where people inevitably have to get close to each other. Workplaces in production or in open-plan offices must also be equipped with protective barriers to comply with hygiene rules. "A huge market has emerged there that did not exist before Corona," says Sascha Welker, Sales Manager thyssenkrupp Plastics in Mannheim. "The demand for plastic, especially acrylic glass sheets is so high ", says Welker, "that the manufacturers can hardly keep up with production.


At thyssenkrupp Plastics they therefore looked for an alternative. "We needed a product that is transparent, light and stable at the same time", says Jens Dahm, product manager in the market segment building construction. He and his colleagues found what they were looking for - in their own camp. "We have multi-skin sheets made of PLEXIGLAS® in our portfolio, which are used, for example, for terrace roofs or greenhouses," says Dahm. "Thanks to a relatively large web spacing of 64 millimetres, the multi-skin sheets offer almost the same transparency as clear glass and are lightweight due to the cavities. Using a similar aluminum profile system and a specially developed base, thyssenkrupp Plastics uses it to make partitions which can be used in many different mobile environments.

"The degree of prefabrication is a bit of new territory for us," says sales manager Welker. Plastics now offers six standard partition walls in various sizes. "We want to support our customers and enable them to meet the strong demand they are experiencing as quickly as possible," says Welker. The delivery is therefore made as a kit, which can be assembled on site without much effort and in a short time.

The mobile transparent partitions protect salespeople, customers, guests, employees or colleagues. "And because they are light and transparent, they convey a certain closeness and community," says Sascha Welker. In times of social distancing this is a nice side effect.

The tk Plastics colleagues are happy to receive enquiries from interested parties via their website. (In German, but when you use the contact form, an English-speaking colleague will get in touch with you.)