Thank you for your commitment

Few days ago Verduno Hospital (Piedmont) asked our Elevator team in Italy to put into operation the largest number of elevators, stretchers and freight elevators.

The installation was scheduled for September. Now it was necessary to do everything in two weeks.

The hospital (never inaugurated) was rapidly awakening getting ready to welcome 300 professionals, including doctors and nurses, urgently called to create a treatment center for Covid-19 patients.

We have created a team of highly motivated people who, without hesitating for a second, have totally dedicated themselves to this project.

They worked 10 days - regardless of working hours - driven by feelings of responsibility and love. They literally worked and lived in the hospital. They slept on the ground for a few nights.

They have chosen to make huge personal sacrifices to help the medical community have an accessible, safe and operational hospital.

Of the 40 thyssenkrupp Elevator systems - they put 25 into operation - the most important ones Dedicated to intensive_care and resuscitation departments.

The hospital will host a maximum of 800 people: 500 patients and 300 medical workers.

All this efforts - under a huge human, professional and media pressure. And they did it. In the next few days, the first Covid-19 patients will be transferred to the new hospital.

Now our technicians are at home - in quarantine - aware of the risks and sacrifices they have made their choice. Luis Vos von Elevator Italy: “We are proud to tell their story because I know perfectly that they have done all this not for the company, not even for salary. They did it for all of us.”