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Reactor inspection in Italy

In order to continue working on the large order for a chemical complex of MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Plc. in Hungary, the reactors produced in Italy had to be inspected. For this, Marco Valente, a colleague from Plant Technology, traveled to Italy. He monitored on site the manufacture of various pressure vessels, heat exchangers and reactors to be shipped to the site in Hungary. Of course, in the current situation his trip to Italy was anything but easy and hotels in Italy have been closed since March 12, 2020. Fortunately, Marco Valente found a small apartment in Verona where he is now staying and self-catering.

He reports on his inspection work in Italy:
“The biggest challenge was planning and organizing my trip to Italy on account of the strict travel restrictions and changes to the law. The purpose and need for my trip were subject to careful review. We needed letters of invitation and certificates to document the reason for traveling. But it was important to keep a focus on our own health and safety, not take any risks, and always look out for our colleagues.

My main job in Italy was to obtain direct records of the NDE inspections and progress with the manufacture of the reactors and heat exchangers. During the inspection we had to stay a safe distance (2 meters) away from each other and wear protective masks and goggles.

As an inspector who has to travel a lot, I’m normally very open and outgoing. In the current situation you have to learn to put your own safety first and keep a distance from other people, always and everywhere, which also means of course in the production plant when we’re working.

It helped me in this difficult situation that I didn’t feel alone and I was always in close contact by telephone with supervisors and other team members and I could see that the company is doing everything to protect me and my health. I received amazing help and support from the company and particularly also from my supervisor Jochen Schulte.”

Marco Valente will be heading back on April 22, 2020. We wish him a good, safe journey and thank him for his work in Italy which is one great example standing for many others who ensure our material flow.