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Common ground, myths and sources of confidence

klar:text with Ursula Gather, Martina Merz, Oliver Burkhard

Making a difference through our own actions

klar:text under corona conditions

"The chaff separates from the wheat - And we are the wheat"

The second audiogram with Materials Services CEO Martin Stillger focuses on current challenges and opportunities for the business and how Corona is changing the way we work with customers.
Automotive Technology

Change on the Management Board of the Damper business unit

From October 1 John Kuijpers will take over the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Damper business unit (thyssenkrupp Bilstein).

Interview with Dr. Karsten Kroos

We spoke to Dr. Karsten Kroos, CEO Automotive Technology, about the changes in the automotive segment, the impact of the corona crisis and the focus of the work in the coming months.

How thyssenkrupp is providing Corona aid

thyssenkrupp is active in 78 countries worldwide - and everywhere its more than 160,000 employees are working with creative solutions to combat the corona pandemic, including in the Ruhr area.
Plant Technology

The path of green hydrogen

Hydrogen is the element that occurs most frequently in our universe. It is found all around us and can be used as a climate-neutral energy carrier.

Thank you for your commitment

Our colleagues on the challenges they face in times of Corona

Goovi and variopactor rock new gravel plant

Historic firm Meichle + Mohr places order with thyssenkrupp for construction of a complete gravel processing plant in southern Germany
Materials Services

Compliance commitment also in Corona times

Rather forego a contract and fail to reach internal goals than act against the law – this continues to apply without exception.

New set-up for MX/GPI

newtk has an impact on many areas – including IT service delivery at MX

A protective screen for rolling up

The coronavirus crisis demonstrates the particular inventive spirit that prevails at thyssenkrupp.
Steel Europe

Interview with Rasselstein CEO Dr. Peter Biele

"We notice that people are eating at home more"

Employee information

Bernhard Osburg on Heavy Plate Business Unit

„We continue to stand by Steel“

Dual interview Klaus Keysberg and Bernhard Osburg